10 Things a VA can do to support an HR Consultant

The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA – 10 Things a VA can do to support an HR Consultant


Published 09.09.2021 




Are you a successful HR Consultant?


Do you find there are never quite enough hours in the day to tick everything off your to-do list?

Did you used to work in the corporate world with the support of a Personal Assistant?

Now you work Freelance, have you considered working alongside a Virtual Assistant to give you back the time that is needed to focus on what is important in your Business?


As an HR Consultant why should you work with Taylor Made PA?


I have worked as a Personal Assistant since 2007, before setting up Taylor Made PA in 2018.

Nine of the twelve years I worked corporately, were spent supporting Senior HR Executives in a FTSE250 Retailer.

Working with me, also gives you access to my Network of Supporting Consultants from a variety of Sectors including HR, Finance and Insurance.


10 Things a VA can do to support an HR Consultant


Not sure what tasks to outsource?

Here are my Top 10 tasks you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant which will help you find more time in your day.


Task 1 – Manage your Inbox and Triage your Emails

How much time do you waste time each day, deleting Emails and Newsletters that are not important?

Let me triage your Emails so you only deal with what needs to be responded to by you. And all the rest are filed where you can deal with them when time allows. Responses are sent to frequently asked questions. 


Task 2 – Book in your prospective clients

Do you waste time when you should be focused on writing policies and reports for your clients trying to book in prospective clients?

Then let me manage your generic Email and Contact Form Submissions to manage your Leads, answer their questions and get your ideal clients booked into your diary.


Task 3 – Type up and format Contracts

How much time does it take for you to create your Contracts?

Don’t have a delay in getting contracts out to new clients, let me create and format your contracts for each new client.


Task 4 – Send Contracts for signing

Don’t lose time in getting contacts signed.

I can manage this on your behalf and chase up to ensure a timely return.


Task 5 – Add new clients into your CRM

Do you have the time to manage your leads effectively?

Once I have booked in your prospective clients, let me add them into your CRM – no CRM? I can set that up too!

I can monitor your leads and manage your pipeline by setting up effective processes.


Task 6 – Book in Client Review Meetings

Need to create time to spend nurturing your clients to grow your Business?

Let me ensure that your clients have regular meetings booked in to review what has been done and how you can continue to support them in the future.


Task 7 – Update your CRM

How much time do you lose looking for client contact or contract details?

I can update all your contact and contract details into a CRM to ensure everything is in one place. This can also manage your pipeline, know what money is coming in with potential contracts and how much clients could be worth to you.


Task 8 – Turn notes in branded Presentations

How many hours do you spend creating branded presentations for your client meetings or training sessions?

Give me the blank notes to create the branded presentation pack to wow your clients and give you time back to focus on the delivery.


Task 9 – Type up and format Policies and Reports

Do you spend far too much time on typing up Policies and Reports?

When you should be spending time on creating new programmes and driving business forward. So let me create and brand your Policies and Reports from your notes and give you the time that is needed.


Task 10 – Book your travel arrangements

Is booking your business travel wasting your time and energy?

Then let me, as an experienced Travel Consultant, book your travel, whether by Air, Rail or Sea, home or away. Book it in a timely manner taking advantage of Corporate opportunities and offers.


Are you ready to find the 25th hour in the day?


It doesn’t matter if you want support in one or all of these tasks or create time for Business or Leisure. Taylor Made PA can help you find the 25th hour in the day.

Why not book in for a Chemistry Call today and see if working with me could help you? https://bit.ly/TaylorMadePA


Until next time!


Jules x