Taylor Made PA Virtual Assistant Services – FAQ’s


Why is a Virtual Assistant hourly rate higher than I would pay an Employee?

An experienced Corporate PA would earn on average between £18 and £30 per hour.

A UK VA rate varies between £25 – £65 dependant on services offered.

The reason that a Virtual Assistant would cost more per hour than an in-house PA or Administrator is because of a number of factors.

A Virtual Assistant;

  • is responsible for their own National Insurance, Tax, Pension Contributions & Holiday Pay
  • provides their own equipment and training. i.e. computer, printer, phone
  • only charges for the hours actually worked – not breaks. Did you know the average employee is productive for less than half their paid working day?
  • does not take paid holiday – but can arrange suitable holiday cover if required

Why would I outsource to a Virtual Assistant when I can do my own admin?

You may be able to do the Admin tasks yourself, but do you have the time?

One of the benefits of a Virtual Assistant is you can outsource either the tasks you can’t do or those you simply don’t like doing. Most Business Owners don’t go into Business to spend their time doing their Admin and the whole point of running your own Business is to do what you love and what you are skilled at.

By outsourcing Admin tasks to a Virtual Assistant, you are also freeing up your own time to focus on the tasks that are more important in your Business and those tasks that actually make you money.

Think about it this way, how much is your time worth in your Business because that’s what you are paying or losing to do your own Admin.

How do I know how much time you have worked?

Whether you are on a Retainer Package or using Ad-Hoc time. I use time tracking software to track my time & provide you with a breakdown of how my time was spent at the end of each month and if additional hours have been agreed and worked a supplementary invoice will be sent.

I know I need help, but I just don’t know where to start – can you still help me?

During our initial call we can discuss what you have been working on – what tasks you like and don’t like and decide what can be passed on.

Its worth in advance of the initial call to make notes of tasks you are working on or have done that week or month and whether they are tasks that must be done by your or could be done by anyone.

Some tasks may require a little training to enable you to pass it on, but that initial time this requires may mean hours of saved time in the longer term.

One of the first tasks I would always considering outsourcing is the management of your Business Email and let me triage the inbox and allow you to focus on just the Emails that are important to your work.

Are you available when I need you?


My core office hours are 10am to 5pm, however I do work outside of these hours and will always work to the hours needed to ensure work is delivered to any deadlines agreed.

If you require a specific piece of work to be delivered out of hours or at short notice, then this can be arranged and a rate agreed.