Taylor Made PA celebrating 3-years in Business

The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA – 3rd Birthday in Business


Published 13.04.2022




3rd Business Birthday!

April sees me celebrate my 3rd working year in Business. It was the 29th April 2019 that I sat down in my tiny home office for the first time as a full time Freelance Assistant. I didn’t know how it would work out. I knew I was a good Personal Assistant. But did I know how to become a good Business Owner too.


The First Week

In that first week I had just one client contracted to me. An Equestrian Consultant that needed support in getting things done. Then I had one Associate position that I had just signed to support an Events Company with Venue Search and Admin Support.

That first week I went out Networking and reached out to another local Virtual Assistant and met her for a Coffee.


Setting Up

The true PA in me meant I took my time in setting my Business up. I did my research and undertook training. To prepare me for running my own business. Being Freelance. And to learn about GDPR!

But in truth nothing prepares you for running your Business than actually doing it!


Year One (2019-20)

I’m the first to agree that Business didn’t grow as quickly as I expected. I was guilty like many business owners in listening to others. And comparing myself. Mostly unfavourably. Yet the feedback I was getting from the clients I worked with that year was always good.

And I actually still work with the Events Client today. And still take on work from the Lead VA and cover her Business whilst she takes well earned holiday.

I also made the decision to return to my roots. And become a Travel Agent for the second time in my career. I thought it would be a great service to offer my clients. The passion for Travel and Travelling never left me. And the opportunity to work for Premier Travel on a freelance basis was an amazing opportunity. One that I was so glad to have taken.

But that Christmas I wobbled. Was I doing the right thing? Was I good enough? Could I grow my Business? Could I grow a Travel Business after almost 15-years away.



I reached out to a VA Business Coach and Mentor. Could I do a Power Hour. That Power Hour turned both me and my business around.

It reminded me I was still the same Personal Assistant I was when I was employed. And that meant I was still bloody good at what I did! It didn’t matter if I was employed or freelance. I was a good Personal Assistant. Regardless of the status of my role.

I signed up to the Coaching Membership. Took a short course. “Kick Start Your Business”. And reminded myself of why I set up my Business. And what I wanted to achieve from running my own business.


Year Two (2020-21)

My own clients grew. Mostly from recommendations from within my Virtual Assistant Network.

And just before the first year was out I received a call from that VA I had coffee with that first week and asked me if I would pick up a client for her. So I did. Later that year she asked if I would cover a client for her whilst she took a holiday. I did. And I still look after that client with her on a shared basis today.

The Global Pandemic did have an impact on my Business as Small Business Owners weren’t sure of what would happen. And it certainly put the Travel Business on hold. But the beauty of having the two sides to the Business was that I could put the Travel Business on hold and focus on the PA side for a while.

And in September 2020 a VA I had known since my set up phase asked if I would take on a new client for her. I did and I still look after him today. The hours I support him have almost doubled. The work I do for him has evolved. And I now support him not just as a PA but with Operational and HR Admin too.


Year Three (2021-22)

As year three moved on the relationships with my clients moved on. And the work I did for them grew. As did the hours I support them. I even brought on board my old boss in her new business.

The work I did started to evolve too. As I worked with clients longer. I wasn’t only supporting them as an Assistant. But operationally too. Helping them create better systems and processes. Helping them to work better operationally to grow their Business. Taking on the elements of running their business that takes time. And takes them away from what is most important in running their Business.

This year, I have spent a lot of time creating better on-boarding for Clients and Associates. Introduced HR Systems and Contact Record Management Systems. Made use of Automated Systems that save time.


3-years in numbers

  • 14 direct clients
  • 6 Lead VA’s
  • 41 clients in total

They have been across a variety of sectors including;

  • Equestrian
  • Events
  • Management Consulting
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • HR, Organisation Design & Business Change
  • Coaching
  • Technology

I currently work for;

  • 5 Lead VA’s
  • 5 Direct Clients

I’ve hired 4 Associate VA’s of my own to support me on work I couldn’t deliver and I have invoiced 2,921.28 hours of work. 


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Until next time!


Jules x