The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA Great Ocean Road

The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA – The Great Ocean Road Pt. 1


Published 18.04.2021




Aussie Specialist

One of my favourite places in the world in Australia. And because of that I am an official Tourism Australia “Aussie Specialist”.

Melbourne for me is my home from home. My extended family live in the Northern Suburbs. 

I’ve been lucky enough to have visited Australia 6 times already and have visit number 7 planned for December – all being well!


First Visit to The Great Ocean Road

On my first visit in 1993, my Uncle took it to meet his in laws at their holiday home in Anglesey. It was my first glimpse of the Great Ocean Road. Which is probably now my favourite place in the world

The Great Ocean Road is simply the most stunning War Memorial in the world. Having been built by soldiers returning from War starting in 1919 and completed in 1932.

Heading out from “home” and driving through Geelong we first stopped at the world famous surf beach, Bells Beach, in the Surfer Town of Torquay, made famous by the film “Point Break” starring the late, great, Patrick Swayze.

After dropping off my Nan with the in-laws at Anglesey, we headed for the beach, where I lay in the stunning golden sands while my uncle headed out into the sea on a boogie board.

We then headed back to meet the others at their holiday home. Which was sat on the local Golf Course, which is renowned for is resident population of Eastern Grey Kangaroos which graze on the fairways. That Afternoon we were even lucky to have them jump by the house. Something I am assured didn’t always happen! 


Twelve Apostles


Having just that glimpse at the start of the Great Ocean Road I couldn’t wait to see more but it turned out to be 17 years before I got back to Melbourne. Although I was lucky enough to have two Fam Trips to the East Coast in the meantime. 

So when I planned my trip to Melbourne in 2010, a visit along the Great Ocean Road to the iconic Tweleve Apostles was top of my wish list. More of that next time!

If you’ve been inspired by my visit, then why not book your own?


Aussie Specialist 

I am an Official Tourism Australia Aussie Specialist and love nothing more than arranging travel to Australia. Whether that be a trip down the Great Ocean Road. Or a ride on the Ghan Train. Or sailing along in the Whitsundays. 

I have been planning my own visit for December. I hope to have Christmas with the family. Plus a trip to the MCG for the Boxing Day Ashes Test and maybe a visit to Perth on the way! So much I still want to see! But of course with the current Covid Restrictions we have no indication whether the International Borders will open for 2021.

Cricket Australia have announced there will be another update Mid May. 

Tell me about your trips!


Have you been to Australia? Are you planning to go? Maybe for a Special Occasion?

Can I help you plan your dream holiday? Do Email me!


Until next time!


Jules x