The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA Business Continuity

The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA – Business Continuity


First Published 5 September 2019



Whether you are a Business Owner or Business Executive have you considered the impact of what would happen if you were too ill to work?

In 1999 I had a serious Horse Riding Accident which resulted in not only a week in the local Hospital and a Haematoma the size of a Watermelon but a further 9 weeks off work recuperating. But as the Manager of a Travel Agency I was paid in full the whole time I was off and another couple of weeks when I had a pre planned and unconnected Knee Operation just a few weeks after returning to work. 

I first published this Blog last year in celebration of Organ Donation Week and in 2017 my beautiful twenty something niece received the gift of life in the form of a donated kidney and had to take a few weeks off work in the Lead up to Christmas, which as a Self Employed Hair Dresser is her Busiest Time. 

Take Time to Take Care

As Business Owners especially, we are always very quick to come back to work as quickly as possible. I was the same as an employee, I hated being off-sick. But good health and personal well-being has to come first.  The only period of sickness I have had in my career is that time after my Riding Accident and even then I begged my Doctor to let me go back when I did. But without that protection from my employer I may have had to go back long before I was really physically ready.

Business Continuity Planning

With this in mind, have you made a Business Continuity Plan for your business or even your life in the event of your short or long-term ill health?

Do you have Critical Illness cover?

Could you afford to keep your property or car or pet?

Then as a Business Owner;

  • Who would let your clients know?
  • Who has “dead-mans switch” access to your systems and banking to ensure payments are made and passwords are accessible?
  • Are systems and processes in place so your business could still run (if that is an option) without you there?
  • Do you have a trusted Associate?
  • Who would keep your brand in the public domain? 

Plans like this are never nice to think about. But they are so important for peace of mind.

As a Home Owner;

  • Do you know who supplies your Utilities?
  • Who Insures your House, Life, Car, Cat?
  • Who has your Will? Do people know where to find it?

Do you need help drawing up your Business or Life Continuity Plan?

Then do get in touch!

Until next time…


Jules x