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The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA – From PA to VA


First Published 11.10.2019




As Simon Sinek says, Start with Why. “Because in business it doesn’t matter what you do, it matters why you do it.”

So, what was my why?

After 12 years as a Corporate Personal Assistant in London I wanted to be in Control of my own career development and future. And I knew that I didn’t want to commute into Central London forever.


Temporary PA

I spent time initially as a Temporary Personal Assistant. I worked across a variety of Business Sectors; Education, Dance, Property, Retail & Clothing Manufacturing. I loved Temping! The variety it offered and different people I met. I loved that every day and every job was different. Then one temporary maternity position became permanent. And I spent 9 years working for a major retailer in the HR Leadership Team.


The PA Show

In February 2018 I headed out to The PA Show on a snowy day. It was to change the course of my career. A chance meeting with a Self-Employed Virtual Assistant on the VIP VA (now the Association of Professional Virtual Assistants) Stand made me realise there was another option out there. I could still be a PA, because I knew I was good at it. But Freelance. Working with Business Owners and Consultants. Helping them grow their Businesses. Helping them find more time in their day.


Becoming a Virtual PA

Being a Virtual Assistant or Virtual PA is not about “one size fits all”. Just as my journey to becoming a VA has been varied. From Travel Agent to Business Development Manager to Personal Assistant. So is being a VA itself. Every VA is different and will offer clients something different. In-fact there are many different VA’s out there. It may be that your Business needs more than one VA to service their needs.


What type of VA does your business need?

  1. Traditional PA or Office Manager
  1. Marketing
  1. Social Media Admin Support
  1. Lifestyle PA
  1. Travel Manager
  1. Call Answering


My experience and skill set mean I generally offer my clients a traditional PA service. I still very much see myself as a PA. And that can be for either for Business or Lifestyle.

Business PA

A full Corporate PA service – managing your diary and/or your emails effectively to make your day flow. Creating branded documents and presentations for help you stay on brand.

Lifestyle PA

For some professionals’ work is so encompassing that personal lives take a back seat and they seek Lifestyle PA support. They forget birthdays or to pay bills and order groceries.

Event Planning

Just as your Office or Corporate PA would. I can research and short-list your next meeting room or event space. Or help by arranging family birthday parties and celebration dinner parties.

Travel Manager

But then as a former Travel Agent it made sense as part of my Service to offer my clients the option to book Travel. Be able to assist with Business Flights and Holiday bookings.

So working in partnership with Premier Travel I now offer my clients the option to plan and book all their Travel plans. For Business and for Leisure. I am ABTA Bonded and all bookings are 100% Financially Protected.


Working with Taylor Made PA

If you need PA support, working with me means you not only get the support of an experienced Corporate PA, used to juggling multiple bosses and then multiple clients. But, I am also a Fellow of the Executive Personal Assistant Association.


Taylor Made Associate Support

Sometimes you just can’t do it all alone. As a Business Owner or a Virtual PA. So, I have a network of Associate’s that I work with and trust, that have been handpicked, to ensure I can offer my clients services that I don’t offer myself. Or to support me when I need an extra pair of hands.


So, are you ready to find the 25th hour in the day and let me manage your Time and Travel?

Book a 1:1 https://bit.ly/TaylorMadePA and let Taylor Made PA support you in 2021.


Until next time!


Jules x

Jules Taylor FEPAA