The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA

The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA

The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA – My First Love, a Pony called Pixie


First Published 11.06.2019


Welcome to the next edition of The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA.

Taylor Made PA Virtual Assistant Services – The Original Dream 

As a teenager, my dream was always to work with horse in some capacity. I rode on and off from a very young age, as you can see from the photo. I could barely walk when I first sat on a pony called Pixie in the Hereford Hills and I loved it! But just look at how many times my stirrups are twisted just so my feet reach them!

Learning to Ride 

Having not been in the saddle for a few years, I stared having lessons again when I was 11 and started to take my riding really seriously in my teens. I dreamed of becoming a Horse-Riding Instructor and teaching others to ride and to experience what I loved.

I did all my school work experience in the local Equestrian Centre and spent most of my weekends and school holidays knee deep in mud and hay. But I loved it!

Equestrian Education

Having completed my work experience with them, I was offered a place on the YTS at my local Equestrian Centre, but my mum was keen for me to study Business and not have all my eggs in one basket, and I was also offered a place on an Equestrian Business Course at an Agriculture College, but I was just 16 years old and going away to college seemed a big step, so I turned it down in favour of doing a BTEC Business Course in Leisure & Equine Management at the local college, which was in conjunction with the Equestrian Centre where I rode and had been offered the YTS position. But having signed up to follow my dreams they went and cancelled the Equine part of the course the week it started! It was devastating at the time.

So, life changed, and the road took me down another path. I didn’t know it then, but that decision shaped my whole career.

From Equestrian Dream to Tourism Student

One of the subjects the course did offer was Tourism and on the back of this I was offered a Summer job in my local Travel Agency – WH Smith Travel for those of you old enough to remember this! And I found a new passion in Travelling. I loved exploring new places and trying new experiences.

I was still passionate about ponies and often combining my Equestrian passion with my Travels. I have been lucky to take overseas rides in Spain, Australia and Jamaica on my Travels.

Living the Dream

So I continued to ride through college and into my 20’s and I always thought I would go back to horses one day. I just wasn’t sure how, what, when and why. But the passion for ponies has never and will never leave me.

But I did find a new dream in Travel. But there was always a pony sat on my shoulder or in my travel plans!

Disaster Strikes

Although the passion was still there, I did stop riding for pretty much a decade following a serious fall just before my 25th birthday. But eventually I couldn’t stay away from my passion for ponies forever and I started having lessons again. I didn’t have the confidence of my youth but I definitely still had he passion.

And that passion is why I love to help Equestrians and Equestrian Business Owners – give them time back to spend with their horses and ponies.

If I can help you take time back for what you love then Email me and book in a call to see how I can help you find the 25th hour in the day!


Until next time…

Jules x