My Taylor Made Top 5 Tips to help you manage your day!

The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA – My Taylor Made Top 5 Tips to help you manage your day!


Published 04.10.2021 




Are you a successful HR Consultant?

As a busy consultant are you looking to manage your time and your day more effectively?

Effective Time Management will be key to increasing your Productivity.


Here are my Top 5 Tips to help you.


1. Plan Ahead

Always look at your “to do list” at the end of the day.

Anything you haven’t you managed to tick off yet should be added to the next days list.

What needs to be achieved tomorrow? Add all these tasks to the list.

Evaluate the list and plan out your priorities. What 3-5 tasks need to be the key priority for the next day?


2. Eat that Frog!

There is a book by Brian Tracy called “Eat That Frog”. This is a metaphor of course! It comes from Mark Twain who once said, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

Clearly, I am not suggested you literally eat a frog!

“Eat that frog!” means to start your day with the biggest, most important, and most dreaded task. It’s also the task you are most likely to procrastinate on.


3. Break it Down

If you have a big task or project. Don’t get overwhelmed by what needs to be done. And then potentially procrastinate. Break it down into smaller tasks that are achievable. And then manage the tasks and the priority.


4. Time Block

I am a big fan of Time Blocking to manage your time effectively.

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management system that encourages people to work with the time they have—rather than against it. Using this method, you break your workday into 25-minute chunks separated by five-minute breaks. These intervals are referred to as pomodoros.

Personally, I prefer to use slightly longer time chunks and work on a 45-minute chunk and 15 minute break.

This also allows you to take regular breaks and leave your desk. Time to get a coffee!


5. Hard Stops and Work/Life Balance

Working from home especially, it can be tempting to stay at your desk longer than you should.

Setting boundaries on your time – and hard stops to your day is essential to a balanced life. Block time in the diary to plan your end of day – time to plan you to do list and time to leave or finish your day.

To help with that work/life balance consider making plans with friends, commit to classes or hobbies. Take time for self-care.


Be Good to Yourself!

Remember you’ve got this!

Managing your time effectively, planning your to do list and prioritising to keep to deadlines is key.

There will almost always be enough time to get what you planned done. And if sometimes a deadline slips, don’t beat yourself up.

Lastly remember, you don’t have to do everything yourself.


Are you ready to find the 25th hour in the day?


Then you have 3 Choices.

1. Book in for a Chemistry Call today and see if working with me could help you?

2. Book in for my Productivity Power Hour and let me look at your Systems and Processes and offer my advise.

3. Book in for my Productivity Strategy Call and let me guide you on Systems and Processes and send you my advice and tips to follow up on.


Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you.


Until next time!


Jules x