Taylor Made PA Sunday Summary

The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA – Sunday Summary 01.05.2022





As a busy Consultant how was your week? Did you have time to focus? Time to grow your business?

Are you taking time to enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend?

Or is trying to do it all alone holding you back?


My Sunday Summary


Outside of the day to day diary management, these are just some of the tasks I completed this week to save my clients time and free them up to focus on tasks that help their business grow.

  • rearranged meetings as a client had a baby! 
  • ordered Cakes for a birthday party
  • helped submit a medical insurance claim
  • chased an company for theatre tickets to be refunded
  • completed an onboarding and induction process
  • check in with team members
  • chase outstanding compliance documents
  • advertised for new associates to join a team
  • added receipts to expense reports


So are you ready to find the 25th hour in the day?

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Until next time!


Jules x