The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA - Time Away

The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA – Time Away


Published 08.08.2021 




Time Away!


Do you take time away from Business? Real Time, not just an hour here and there.

As a Business Owner it can be so easy to keep working. No matter how many hours you work there are nearly always tasks to be done.

And you are not alone.

In a 2020 One Poll Survey it reported that 76% of UK small business owners work through holidays. **

Is this you?


Mental Health


A recent study conducted by Mental Health UK found that a shocking 80% of Small Business Owners reported experiencing symptoms of poor mental health. And this can lead to an inability to focus.

So taking time away from your desk is so important. Both for your Mental Health and to refocus and refresh the mind.


Refresh the Mind


It won’t surprise anyone that I am a big advocate of taking a Holiday to refresh my mind, body and soul. And it doesn’t have to be overseas. As I showed earlier in the year with my Staycation in Sandbanks.

For me there is something about a walk down the beach. The sand between your toes. Breathing in that fresh salty air. The feel of the sea breeze on your face. I instantly relax.

But most importantly is the opportunity to take a break from Work. To really take a break, you need to switch off the Emails, Mute the Social Media. Divert the Calls to Answer Phone.


Short Break or Extended Stay


Even a few days away can help improve your Mental Health and Wellbeing but an extended stay could make such a difference.

Not keen to go away? Then why not spend a day or two doing something you love? Visit a local Landmark, take a walk in the Park, grab a coffee with a Friend, or maybe snuggle up with a Book. Whatever works for you.

Leaving you refreshed and refocused. And ready to generate ideas to grow your Business. 


Worried About Work?


What stops you from taking time away? Is it the thought of missing a new lead, or not being there for your customers?

Did you know that a Virtual Assistant could support you just when you need it? And that can be when you take a break. Or even when your regular Assistant does.

So you can take a break. Knowing that your Emails are being monitored. Customers are being responded to. And Enquiries are being booked in.

And don’t forget that Taylor Made Travel can also book your next Adventure. All while Taylor Made PA looks after your Business!

Want to discuss taking a break from your Business to refresh the mind, body and soul? Book in a Chemistry Call today.


Until next time!


Jules x