Taylor Made Travel in a Covid Era Pt. 1

The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA – Travelling in a Covid Era Pt. 1


Published 25.09.2021



Travelling in a Covid Era

It goes without saying travelling in a Covid Era means there are a number of changes to not only consider, but continually keep track of. 


My First Hand Experience

Earlier this month I travelled out to Spain for my first overseas trip in almost 2 years. 

Having been a Travel Consultant on and off for over 30 years, I’ve nearly always been lucky enough to travel once or twice a year, sometimes even three times in a good year!


Checking the Regulations

Due to the ever changing rules and regulations – not just by our Government but from those overseas too – it is imperative that you keep checking the updates on www.gov.uk for the latest travel advice. 

Following the lockdown earlier this year, when travel resumed it did so on a cautious and sometimes contraversial traffic light system. This has generally meant:


Reasonably safe to travel.

PCR Test in resort 3 days before you come home

No Quaratine required for fully vaccinated passengers on return to the UK

Day 2 PCR Test on return


Reasonably safe to travel.

PCR Test in resort 3 days before you come home

No Quaratine required for fully vaccinated passengers on return to the UK

Day 2 PCR Test on return


Not deemed safe to travel.

PCR Test in resort 3 days before you come home

All passengers required to quaratine for up to 10 days on return to the UK at a cost of around £1700 per person at your own expense in a government specified hotel

Day 2 and 8 PCR Test

* These are a guide only please check for the exact rules.


Before you Travel

Again every country has different requirements for travellers. 

I was travelling with my niece and her husband to visit my parents, who generally live in Spain 6 months of the year. 

As fully vaccinated travellers we were able to enter Spain without taking a PCR Test. But we did need to complete a Spanish Government Passenger Locator Form (PLF). And upload a copy of our Covid Vaccination Passports. 

We flew with British Airways, who also required us to upload copies of our Covid Passports and the completed PLF and the QR Code it supplied on completion.


Top Tip!

British Airways didn’t allow me to print my online boarding pass, which although made me panic at the time, they assured me at the Airport Bag Drop, it was just because documents are being checked and verified in person. So don’t be alarmed! 


At the Airport

It is a standard requirement that all travellers – unless medically exempt – are required to wesr a mask as they enter the airport. And only passengers are currently allowed in the terminal building. 

At bag drop all pre travel documents are verified. 

There are hand sanitisers dotted throughout the terminal too. 

Masks remain on at all times unless you are eating and drinking.

All restaurants and shops appear to be reopened and operating as normal. 

We sat down and ate lunch at Gordon Ramsay Plane Food and masks aside the only difference from my previous visits was the menu being on a QR code and not a physical menu. QR Codes feature heavily now throughout the travel process it seems! 


In the Air

To assist with Covid measures British Airways handed us a small plastic bag to collect our rubbish in along with a sanitiser wipe as we boarded the aircraft.

The aircraft I will say was spotlessly clean. 

Masks again were required throughout the flight, unless eating and drinking. And please bear in mind that a mask is only valid for 4 hours, so taking into account the time in the airport and flying times, more than one mask may be required.

Although allowed, they also did ask you minimise any walking around the aircraft cabin as much as possible.


Arriving Overseas

I can only speak from my experience on arriving in Spain, but I beleive it’s all airports, but again, yep masks are required throughout! 

On arrival in Spain we were required to show our documents proving our vaccination status and have the QR Code scanned on our PLF before being released to collect our luggage. 

It is also worth remembering in the midst of all the Covid regulations, that the UK is now no longer part of the EU. So you are required to present your passport and receive a stamp of entry. That part I like!! As much as I wasn’t necessarily wanting to leave the EU I do love getting stamps back in my passport. Not sure if that makes me a geek! 

With your status checked and your passport stamped, collect your luggage and head off out into the fresh air. And rain as it turned out! That definitely hadn’t been ordered!


Final Thoughts

Yes there have been a lot of forms to complete, documents to update and upload. But sat in the car with my Dad heading for “home”, it was most definitely worth it! 

So, are you ready to book your next holiday?

Email me your plans and let me help make them a reality.



Look out for Pt. 2 of my experience next month!


Until next time!


Jules x