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Published 23.10.2021



First hand Experience of Travelling in a Covid Era


Last Month I shared my first hand experience of travelling again after 23 months of being grounded.


Back in the Resort

Oh how lovely it was to be back on foreign soil with the promise of sunshine. Although it was raining as we exited the airport!

As we headed for “home”, my Dad said they had been having a great time and not felt any impact from the covid restrictions. Other than of course needing to wear masking still when in supermarkets and entering restaurants and bars, but not once seated.

Dad had been out in Spain when things first started to escalate in March 2020 and indeed went into Lockdown before we did back in the UK. He ended up having to extend his stay after the situation escalated and flights ceased across Europe and indeed the world.

At that stage – the beaches and restaurants closed. He could only go out to the supermarket and he had to go alone. Even the communal pool in his community had to be closed.


Out and About

As I was working still whilst I was out in Spain, I spent my mornings up on the Roof Terrace of the Villa working in the sunshine with a breeze. My Niece headed to the pool to wait for me to finish and enjoy the morning sun.

This was one surprise though. Although they were in offer at the beaches for hire, our community pool in the Golf Resort where the Villa was located, had removed all Sunbeds and Chairs to avoid any contamination issues. So you had to take your own.

Two days after we arrived we headed to one of our local beaches. And met up with my step brother and his wife for lunch. Again other than mask wearing as you walked in or around, but not seated, and by the waiting staff at all times. The only small change was that most restaurants had removed menus and replaced with QR codes for online viewing,

Heading to the beach after lunch, the beach bars were all open. Sun beds and parasols were available to hire. The massage ladies were back on duty and the “lookeylookey” men were back selling their sunglasses, handbags and caps.

All seemed well in the Spanish world.


Pre Travel Home

Although the changes to the traffic light system and tests have now been announced and come into force. (as of 4th October). When we were out in Spain, we were required to take a PCR test 48 hours before coming home.

With Dad having been out in Spain for a few weeks already, he had managed to find a local clinic where we could have same day testing. My step brother had booked his via one of the local hospitals.

On a package holiday, most hotels and apartments will assist with booking PCR Tests and even offer them in-house.

Our clinic did a morning test with results delivered between 2pm and 4pm. That was a nervous wait! Just what were we going to do if we had to stay. I would be ok. But my niece is a self employed Hair Dresser. And her dog is due to have puppies!

But with the negative results in we could head to the next stage of the travel process.


Passenger Locator Forms

These, even with the changes, are still required. And are similar to that we filled our for the Spanish government on the way out. This too included proof of vaccination status. As well as our PCR test results and then the details of our Day 2 Test Package, for which you get a code on booking. This test has been replaced now by a Lateral Flow. This still needs to be pre booked with the code on your form.


Day 2 PCR Tests

In my experience, this proved to be the most stressful part of the whole process.

Not because its hard to do, or even complicated to do.

Just because there is just too many companies offering this on the government approved list. Prices vary significantly. And many prices are shown as a “from” price and the actual price is very different when you dig further!

BA offered some recommendations and discounts too. But in all honesty it all much of a muchness.

Having looked at a few and discussed with my sister in law, who travelled before us. She finally booked with Expert Medicals at £28. Just as I went to book, they were removed from the government approved list! Sigh.

Another search entailed and I narrowed it down to NWP for £40. Went online to book, and sold out. Seriously! I eventually booked with Bio Lab for £45. Which did the job just fine!

This test has now been replaced for a Lateral Flow Test but the process remains, just a bit cheaper. Average is around £20.


In Summary

Travelling is much simpler than it may seem. And the benefits to me were worth it. I didn’t realise how much I had missed being on the beach in the sun and feeling relaxed in a way I just don’t at home.

Just a reminder – The Day 2 (and Day 8 if required) tests MUST be booked in advance as you need the code they send you to complete your Passenger Locator Forms. In theory you could buy these online whilst you are away as the codes are sent with your confirmation Email. And remember to keep the code safe and accessible!  


So, are you ready to book your next holiday?

Email me your plans and let me help make them a reality.




Until next time!


Jules x