The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA VA Training

The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA – VA Training


Published 11.03.2022




VA Training


Many Virtual Assistants offer similar services. But not all Virtual Assistants take the same stance on training.

And a survey in 2020 by the Association of Professional Virtual Assistants showed that only 65.2% have done VA specific training.



Why did I choose to undertake training?


I spent 12 years working in London as a Corporate PA. Many of the skills I used in my role as a PA were transferable from my decade as a High Street Travel Agent.


– Administration paperwork

– Attention to detail

– Organising people

– Booking travel arrangements


I took every opportunity to develop my skills further over the years, but always found the development opportunities lacking for support staff.


I always made sure I went to the PA Show every year and attended a few different workshops over the years.

– Minute-taking

– Report writing

– Managing multiple-bosses


And it was a chance conversation with a Virtual Assistant at the show in 2018 that started my VA journey.


After making the decision to set up as a VA. The first thing I did was sign up to a course about the transition from PA to VA.


I knew how to be a good Personal Assistant. And was confident in my abilities and how I could support my potential clients. But I wanted to ensure that I became a good Business Owner and Virtual (Personal) Assistant.



On-going Training


After launching my business in 2019 I continued to embrace self-development. From undertaking technical skills training enhancing my Microsoft skills, developing my PA skills, including Critical Thinking, Negotiating & Influencing Skills and Project Management.


And I am a Fellow of EPAA – the Executive Personal Assistant Association, working towards Fellow Practitioner status. This means I must have continuous CPD throughout the year to enhance my knowledge and skills.

I also work with a Business Coach and Mentor and have weekly coaching calls, monthly training and quarterly work days known as “Get Sh*t Done days”. She challenges me to stay on track and push myself to achieve more. I have achieved what I have achieved with thanks to her support.


Do you continuously challenge yourself to be a better version of yourself tomorrow than you are today?


Would you like to work with a Virtual Assistant that does?


Are you ready to find the 25th hour in the day?


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