Taylor Made PA World Mental Health Day 2020

The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA – Mental Health


First Published 12 September 2019




Today I want to talk about Mental Health and Wellbeing. Did you know this weekend is World Mental Health Day.


Do you make time to look after your Mental Health and Wellbeing?


As a Business Owner or Business Professional do you take time out for you in the course of the week to focus on your own Health and Mental Wellbeing?

In today’s perfect world, as depicted on Social Media, its very easy to hide behind a facade. Or are you suffering from Impostor Syndrome? Believing everyone else is doing better, achieving more that you are. 

For many, the past six months as we have self isolated due to Covid-19, has been particularly tough. 


What you see may not always be the full picture.


I very sadly lost one of my childhood friends to Mental Health in January 2018. I had spoken to her via Social Media as I sat on a plane returning from my Christmas Holiday and she was seemingly living her best life and having fun with a beautiful home and family. She wished me a safe flight and suggested a Gin & Tonic. Just a few short hours later she took her own life. No one knows why.

It was a wake up call for me to look past what my friends and family post on Social Media verses what is happening in real life.

Do you sometimes just ring your friends and family just to say “Hello, how are you today?”. Especially with how hard for some the past six months have been, why not reach out today?


Take a Break 


As part of your Health and Mental Wellbeing do try and take time each day to have a break from work. Go for a walk, take an exercise class, talk to a friend or a business coach. Reach out and share your problems or issues. Don’t think you always have to solve everything yourself.

Make time for what makes you happy. 


Plans and Processes


Is your Business set up with plans and processes in place to allow you to take a break or take time off for a holiday? Do you have a trusted Associate to help you out?

If you think you need help putting suitable processes into place to allow you to take a break and recharge, please do get in touch and book a Discovery Call today – http://bit.ly/TaylorMadePA – and take that first step to improving your Mental Wellbeing.


Need a Holiday?


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Take time to look after yourself. 


Until next time…