The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA - Helping you prepare for Christmas

The Tales and Travels of Taylor Made PA – Helping you prepare for Christmas


Published 14.11.2021 




Helping You Prepare for Christmas


As a busy consultant, do you find your preparations for the festive period take a back seat and basically get left until the last minute?

Would you like to feel more prepared this year? 

Just because you don’t need regular support, why not consider having someone to help you, just at times when you may need a second pair of hands.

Maybe your Office PA usually supports you but no longer has time. Or you just prefer to have it done outside of the office environment.

Support can be for your Business or for you and your Family.


Christmas Cards


Do you have a list of clients that you want to nurture? Or Family you don’t want to forget?

Christmas Cards can be arranged to be sent electronically or printed and ready to send on?

Create a Spreadsheet that can be used year on year and updated throughout the year to avoid missing anyone out or sending to someone no longer with us.

I can then source you a selection of either online e-cards or printed cards for you to choose from – or I can select based on a brief of your clients and family to ensure of suitability.

Want to look at ethical options – choose a card that support your preferred charity. With e-cards its easy to do – using the spreadsheet we can create a mail merge to send personalised cards.

Want cards to send to close family? We can have a briefing call to learn more about the family members and I can arrange for suitable cards to be sent directly to you, at home or the office, for writing a personal message in.


Gift Sourcing


Do you struggle to find time to find the perfect gift? Or resort to something in personal? Then leave it with me to do.

All we need is a quick call to establish who we need to buy for, budget for the gift and something about the person.

You can either receive a short list of gifts for each person with links for you to make the final choice to click and purchase.

Or I can run the short list past you and you can leave the final decision to me to purchase (you would need to share your payment card details) and have gift wrapped and sent straight to you or the recipient.


Celebration Dinner


Whether for family, friends or work colleagues. Have you run out of time to make the arrangements for a festive celebration?

Whether you need an intimate family dinner or a drinks party for the office, we can help you make all the arrangements. From finding the perfect venue, organising the best caterers and selecting the best entertainment. 

We can even send the invites and manage the RSVPs.


Are you ready to celebrate this Christmas without creating more on your to do list than you can manage?


BOOK IN A CALL with Taylor Made PA TODAY and let us help you find that 25th hour in the day.


Look forward to hearing from you and helping you plan for Christmas.


Until next time!


Jules x